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What you can expect from your sleep consultation.

The Art of Sleep for Adults by Annika Brindley

Your Art of Sleep Consultation begins with a virtual consultation with me directly. In this consultation, I will assess your health history, sleep history, sleep hygiene, eating patterns, stressors, and how you perceive your sleep challenges.

Next, I will create a customized plan of action to resolve your sleep challenges. Across our work together, you will learn about healthy sleep habits and you will cultivate sleep resiliency by developing a positive sleep mindset. 

You will have unlimited support and access to me across our work together. 


Your Comprehensive Sleep Consultation Includes:

  • Initial 60 minute consultation with a full assessment of your sleep situation and environment

  • Customized plan of action to resolve your challenges including environmental design recommendations and a specialized bedtime routine 

  • Sleep journal to track your progress

  • Ongoing support for three months that enable me to assess progress and adjust the plan as needed, including:

    Daily, weekly, or as-needed text check-ins - 5 virtual, 45 minute follow-up phone consultations

What´s Unique About Working With Me. 

Highly qualified: With 20 years as a practicing sleep consultant and as someone who has struggled with sleep issues myself, I bring a uniquely qualified perspective to adult sleep coaching. 

Fully customized:  My consultations are fully customized to you and your unique needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. For as many reasons as people have for struggling with sleep, there are an equal number of paths forward. 

Holistic approach:  My customized plan for you takes into account both body and mind and is grounded in psychology and science. We will use and may incorporate various tools and techniques during your consultation. Some tools that my clients have found helpful include binaural beats, meditation, radical acceptance, mindfulness, nutrition reboot, and stretching, among others.

Unparalleled support:  by offering unlimited access to me via text, I will be in touch closely with you every step of the way. I touch base almost every day with many of my adult sleep clients so I can troubleshoot issues as they arise. You will not be alone in this journey.


Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute call with me and we will get started.

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