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The Art of Sleep for Adults

By Annika Brindley

I coach people to overcome their insomnia and get the rest they need and deserve.


"Annika  changed my perspective on sleep. I could not recommend her more and refer her to everyone I know; she has literally changed my life. I was hesitant to write this, but think she should be charging double for the value she brings...I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!"        -- Lauren K.

If you are reading this, you must feel exhausted.

  • You are suffering the effects of sleep deprivation

  • You are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained

  • You may have tried multiple methods for solving your sleep issues without getting results.

  • You may have tried medication.

  • You may feel hopeless.

  • You may feel as if other people just don’t understand.

  • Nothing has worked like you hoped it would and you continue to feel exhausted.

Adult Sleep Consultant Art of Sleep by Annika Brindley - Little Sleepers
Adult Sleep Consultant Art of Sleep by Annika Brindley - Little Sleepers

You wonder, will I ever feel rested again?

I understand what sleep deprivation feels like. I have been a successful sleep consultant for children for almost two decades and I was embarrassed to admit that at times I had issues with my own sleep. During times of stress, my sleep suffered and I did not have a process for resolving my own sleep issues as I did for children.

At first, this felt like the worst thing in the world. I was exhausted. I needed to function for my job, my children and to be happy. But what I thought was one of the worst things, sleep deprivation, ended up being a profound and life-changing experience. After solving my own sleep issues, I decided to create a program to do the same for others like you.

Adult Sleep Consultant Art of Sleep by Annika Brindley - Little Sleepers
The Art of Sleep Consultation with Annika Brindley

My holistic approach to sleep work is grounded in psychology and mindfulness. The techniques I have developed across the past two decades enable me to guide clients to their best sleep. It will not happen in one night, but it will happen.

What clients are saying...

"From the moment I met Annika, I felt as though I had known her for years. She is effortlessly empathetic, caring, intelligent and fun. She takes the time to learn about your personal challenges and lifestyle and she tailors her recommendations and strategies specific to you. For example, Annika figured out very quickly that one of my sleep setbacks was drinking too much water during the day and close to bedtime. She figured this out by asking the right questions that got to the root of the problem. No doctor was able to pinpoint this as an issue for me. 


Additionally, Annika has been the quarterback and captain of my dream team. She is a consultant who looks at the big picture very holistically to help optimize your sleep and quality of life. I trust her as a friend and an expert and would recommend her to anyone looking to help improve their sleep."      -- Bailey

Adult Sleep Consultant Art of Sleep by Annika Brindley - Little Sleepers

Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute call with me and we will get started.

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