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A sleeping newborn baby with his feet in focus at the forefront of the photo

Prenatal Newborn Sleep Consulting 0-8wks

Expectant parents and parents of newborns who want to get started on the right foot with regard to sleep can benefit from a consultation with Annika.

Two awake newborn babies laying down and looking at each other

You are a person who knows the importance of sleep for you and for your newborn baby. You want to do everything possible to set up your newborn for success. While no one can guarantee that your baby will easily sleep through the night, there are things within your control that can help. 

You can establish the best habits and routines. You can put your baby on an ideal schedule for feeding and sleep. You can avoid common pitfalls. You can invest in the right sleep aids. And you can identify proactively issues on which to consult your pediatrician before they start to impact sleep.

Please note that a full sleep consultation is not appropriate until at least 16 weeks of age (and at least 12 pounds). If you want to get your newborn onto a good sleep schedule, the Little Sleepers’ prenatal-newborn sleep consultation is right for you.

Prenatal-Newborn (up to 8 weeks old) Sleep Consultation

Virtual meeting with Annika for 50 minutes

Advice on nursery set up

Creating and maintaining healthy sleep habits in the first 12 weeks

Sleep pitfalls to avoid in the early months of life

Making an intentional decision about whether to co-sleep with your infant

Little Sleepers’ recommended products

How you know when it is time to sleep train

*Investment in a prenatal-newborn consult can be applied toward future sleep training with Annika if needed between 4 and 11 months

Parents who complete a prenatal-newborn baby sleep consultation gain confidence; they know when their baby needs to sleep and how to get them to sleep easily. Even better, an early sleep consultation often means that little to no sleep training will be needed down the line. If it is, you can apply your investment in this consultation to future sleep services. 

To learn more about a prenatal-newborn consultation, please contact Annika Little Sleepers, sleep consultant to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call.

A swaddled newborn baby with brown hair asleep on the bed
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