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A young mother sitting on the floor with her toddler who has graduated the Little Sleepers sleep consulting program

Little Sleepers´ Graduate Program

After working with Annika, your child is a Little Sleepers’ graduate and your family will always be a part of the
Little Sleepers’ family.

Graduates of Little Sleepers are often interested in ongoing advice and support from Annika. Signing up for a Coaching Circle gives you continued access to Annika’s parenting wisdom and connection to a group of like-minded parents with children of similar ages.

Coaching Circles are non-judgmental and empowering support groups for parents who have completed Little Sleepers’ sleep consulting service and want to continue learning and growing as parents as their children develop and change.

Led by Annika personally, a Coaching Circle is a powerful experience that will connect you with other parents and help you to continue to support the healthy sleep habits you established in your work with Little Sleepers.

A baby sits on the floor in his playroom with an abacus

Coaching Circles

Little Sleepers´ ¨Grads¨ Coaching Circles

Cohorts of 4-8 parents of Little Sleepers’ graduates

Monthly, 50-minute, coaching circles

Facilitated personally by Annika

Discussions may cover: sleep; developmental milestones; feeding concerns; socialization; sibling issues; co-parenting; and more

If you would like to join a Little Sleepers Coaching Circle, please contact Annika below to find out when the next one will begin.

There are typically four Coaching Circles each year and space is limited.

Toddler and Child Mini-Sleep Consultation
Young toddler with dark curly hair sitting on the floor in his playroom after a nap

If your Little Sleepers’ graduate has had his/her sleep habits derailed for whatever reason and you need to get back on track, a mini-sleep consult may be a good fit for you.

Sleep habits can go awry despite the best intentions for many reasons. Sometimes there has been a significant life change such as a divorce, moving, the birth of a sibling, school change, or major illness that can derail even the best of sleepers. You may feel daunted by getting back on track. If this is you, not to worry, it can happen to anyone and Little Sleepers can help.

For Little Sleepers graduates who need to reestablish healthy sleep habits, Annika offers a mini-sleep consultation that is customized to your needs.

Toddler and Child Mini-Sleep Consultation

Only for Little Sleepers’ graduates between 11 months and 5.5 years old

50-minute virtual session with Annika

Customized action plan to address current sleep issues

Unlimited support for between two and four weeks

30-minute wrap up call to discuss the plan moving forward

If you are interested in learning more about engaging Little Sleepers for a mini-sleep consultation, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call with Annika by clicking below.

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