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Happy newborn lays peacefully on her bed

Little Sleepers - Washington, DC

Transforming infant and child sleep in Washington, DC, and beyond with customized, personal sleep coaching tailored to meet the unique needs of every family.

Why Choose Little Sleepers in Washington, DC?

If your family has been struggling with sleep, Little Sleepers is the answer to your search for a solution. Annika Brindley is one of the top-rated sleep consultants in the US with more than 20 years of experience. She provides individualized sleep coaching for infants, toddlers, and young children. Annika deeply understands the importance of sound sleep and how sleep deprivation can negatively impact the physical and mental well-being of parents and their young children. Annika ensures clients feel comfortable throughout the sleep coaching process with her warm, considerate, and supportive approach. If you’re ready to help your child become a wonderful little sleeper, don’t wait any longer and book a complimentary consultation today!

Comparing Little Sleepers in Washington, DC to other Sleep Consulting Services

When choosing a sleep consultant, it is important to consider many factors and, in particular, the depth of the consultant's experience. Little Sleepers is the top choice among sleep consultants in the  Washington, DC area because Annika has worked with more than one thousand families across the globe and has encountered and resolved almost every type of sleep issue. People often work with Annika after having tried other sleep coaches and methods without achieving the result they need and deserve: healthy sleep habits for the whole family. Unlike many other sleep consulting services, Annika takes a personalized approach to sleep coaching, tailoring her coaching to meet each family’s specific needs and providing support that goes above and beyond. She brings her deep experience to bear on each and every case, solving even the trickiest issues and minimizing the struggle for parents and for children.

Benefits of Choosing Little Sleepers in Washington, DC

Choosing the right sleep consultant can feel daunting. It is an investment of time, money, and emotion and you may fear that your family won’t experience results. Annika personally understands the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation and she uses her knowledge and experience to design a customized process for each child which she sees through until good sleep becomes a reality for each family with whom she works. Imagine what it would look like to easily put your child down to sleep at night, without an exhaustive or never-ending routine, knowing that they will sleep through the night and that you will as well. Imagine that your child is happily on an age-appropriate nap schedule, waking well-rested and ready to face the remainder of their day. This is a reality for Little Sleepers’ families.

1. Convenient Virtual Services

Annika offers virtual services that can be conducted via phone or video chat, allowing you to receive sleep coaching in the comfort of your home. This approach is advantageous for new parents who have their hands full. Virtual coaching also enables Annika to work with clients around the world.

2. Experienced Consulting Services

Annika is a highly experienced sleep consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Her approach is holistic and she understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for sleep. Parents rave about her ability to quickly identify the root cause of sleep problems and provide practical solutions that work. Over the years, she has seen it all - from fussy newborns and colicky babies to toddlers who refuse to stay in bed. Annika understands the toll that sleep deprivation can take on families and is committed to helping clients develop healthy sleep habits that last a lifetime.

3. Evidence-Based Approach

Annika stays up-to-date with the latest research and techniques in the field of sleep science. She uses this knowledge to inform her recommendations and strategies, helping parents receive the most effective advice. She has more than one thousand happy clients who praise her kind, supportive, and patient approach. Her process includes sleep training, reworking schedules, and addressing issues with feeding. Click here to read a sample of the many positive reviews and testimonials written by satisfied parents who have experienced, life-changing improvements in their children's sleep habits.

"Annika restored hope in what seemed like a lost case. She not only helps a baby, she helps a WHOLE family." - Mom of Jack, 8 months

“Annika is amazing! My 15-month old is sleeping 12 hours a night thanks to her.” - Mom of Beau, 15 months

4. Unlimited Support

Sleep issues can be complex and require unlimited support for long-term success. Annika offers unlimited support via text and phone calls when you work with her. Unlike many sleep consultants who offer a limited number of calls or texts, she is constantly accessible to respond to inquiries during the time you work with her. With Annika by your side, you're never alone in your children's journey to better sleep. Knowing that someone is there to cheer you on and offer guidance when you need to help you stay motivated and committed. Unlimited support makes a game-changing difference in achieving sustainable and healthy sleep patterns as painlessly as possible.

5. Customized Sleep Plans

Every child and family is unique. Annika’s customized sleep plans are tailored to meet the needs of children and their parents. Annika devises customized sleep plans that fit the particular developmental stage and personality of each child. Her plans encompass everything including sleep hygiene, nursery set up, bedroom routines, day and night schedules, feeding concerns, and sibling issues. Nothing is left to chance when working with Annika.

Little Sleepers' SUCCESS STORIES: Lily

Lily´s Story

1. How was Lily’s nighttime sleep before you found Little Sleepers?

Before I found Little Sleepers, Lily (and I) were doing what a friend coined as ‘intermittent napping.’ And that’s really what it was. I don’t think she ever slept long enough to really get any good quality sleep. She was a professional catnapper during the day. She was also a professional snacker. We were lucky to get a 2-2.5 hour stint of sleep out of her. Nighttime feedings would take 45 minutes - 1 hour, so I was actually sleeping typically 1.5, maybe 2 hours (if I was lucky) straight, if that. Lily had really bad trapped gas and colic for the first 3-4 months of her life, so that did not help. I also had a low milk supply from the beginning, and Lily had weight gain issues. We knew the only thing that would solve it was time for her digestive track to develop. But during those first 4 months before I found Little Sleepers, Lily’s night time sleep was pretty limited to a few short stints in the bassinet and then on me.

Infant sleep consulting client holds her newborn Sofia in a New York City park

2. How were naps before working with Little Sleepers?

During the day, if I really wanted her to sleep, a contact nap was just easiest. She was much more content being belly to belly, sleeping on me. When we would put her down for naps it was maybe 30 minutes. 40 minutes felt like a huge win (and then I learned the term ‘dreaded 40-minute catnap from Annika…) For the most part, I rocked her to sleep, using a pacifier, and she slept in my arms (or I handed her off to my husband, or anyone else around, but only after I got her to sleep, so I could shower), and that was how I got her to sleep during the day. I was incredibly worried about her not getting enough sleep so I just did what I needed to do to survive.

3. What did you try before you hired Little Sleepers?

What didn’t I try is more like it!! Multiple online courses. You name it, I took it. The number of random sleep books on my kindle is unreal. I’ve only ever skimmed them. I did speak to one ‘instagrammy’ sleep consultant. It wasn’t that helpful. Advice from friends and family was non-stop. I barely slept for 18 weeks, and you can only imagine all the crazy stuff I looked up, read, listened to, and bought. In the middle of the night especially. Honestly, you name it - I’ve bought it. The number of swaddles! The type of swaddles! The slumber pod! I never got a snoo, but, that’s mainly because the concept really freaked me out. Otherwise, it was honestly endless.

4. How did your work schedule play into your child’s sleep schedule or issues?

Raising a child in Washington, DC is unique in the way that it’s quite a busy professional city. Often, both parents work, and work is important to the parents. It’s often what brought them to Washington, DC. Personally, I usually have to continue working after I put Lily to sleep. I work for a large international organization, with half my team on the other side of the world, so, often, I have evening calls. I am able to take these calls, and get my work done when I need to. If there’s a day where I need to work while I’m taking care of Lily alone, I know I can get work done while she naps - since I know generally when she will nap, and for about how long. Last month I lost childcare for an entire month. It was a tough period, as I had just returned from one month of leave. I was able to take partial leave, and keep working - I worked while she slept, I set meetings while I knew she would sleep, and finished my work in the evening. It wasn’t necessarily sustainable in the long-term, but I knew I would be able to get through those few weeks.

5. By the end of your four weeks of working with Annika, how was Lily doing?

It was a miraculous transformation. Truly magical. Within just a few days she was sleeping 12 hours a night. She was napping! For more than 30-40 minutes. For 1.5 hours! Sometimes she even did 2 hours! Beyond that, she stopped snacking. She was gaining weight. She went up in her growth curve so much. Her doctor was in shock. She was taking 6 oz bottles (whereas before I was shocked if she took 2-3). She was overall a healthier, happier, and heavier baby!

6. What is life like now that your family is sleeping well?

Life now is of the highest quality I ever thought I could get to. My husband’s job is quite busy, so it’s often me with Lily alone after work (I also work full time), and sometimes on the weekend. Life is predictable and much easier to plan - which is something I never thought I could get to, and never even imagined. I’m getting about 8 hours of sleep a night, and Lily sleeps 12. She is now on a two-nap schedule (thanks to Annika’s advice), and each nap is 1.5 - 2 hours. It’s sustainable. She is a flexible, adaptable baby - but appreciates her routine. Happy baby = happy mama = happy dada.

7. What would you tell another parent who is thinking of working with Annika Brindley?

Simply put, it’s life changing. It may not be needed for everyone. But chances are, if you are up in the night desperately googling solutions, books and podcasts, you need it more than you realize. I got part of my life back. I truly never thought I would get to this point. I’d tell the parent that Annika does not just do sleep coaching. She truly takes a more holistic approach - focusing on feeding, eating, pooping and sleeping. She’s like a therapist, marriage counselor, lactation consultant, dietician and sleep  consultant, all-in-one. As a psychologist, she is also able to teach to you the psychology behind teaching your child how to sleep, which is incredibly important. It’s not easy when you first start, but Annika is there to guide and support you through it. No book, no online course is able to give you anything close to what you get working with Annika. There’s just no comparison. The results speak for themselves, and more importantly, the confidence you gain as a parent working with Annika is invaluable.

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