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A redheaded infant sleeping on her side

Infant-Baby Sleep Consulting

Engaging Annika for a full sleep consultation ensures that your baby will sleep 11-12 hours through the night and will be on an age-appropriate nap schedule at the end of your work together.

Are you a parent of an infant or baby, 16 weeks to 12 months old, who is struggling to get their child to sleep? You have read books and blogs, you have bought magic sleep aids, you’ve watched video tutorials and maybe even hired a sleep consultant to help. But it didn’t work. Or, it did for a time, but now your baby has started to roll over or hit another developmental milestone that has upended his or her sleep.

Blonde newborn sitting on the floor in her tutu with teal shiplap in the background

Your  baby may: 

Wake frequently during the night 

Need to be rocked, bounced, strolled or driven around in order to fall asleep

Cat-nap or not nap consistently at all

Requires a pacifier or nursing or a bottle to sleep

Only go to sleep after an exhaustive routine 

Requires that only you or your partner to do their exhaustive routine

Can only sleep in a Snoo, a Miracle Suit or other sleep aid

As a result, you are struggling and exhausted and you know your baby is not getting the sleep he or she needs and deserves. You may have heard conflicting advice from well-intentioned family members and friends and you’re left feeling confused. 

Even though you may feel as if you will never sleep again and you may feel hopeless,

Little Sleepers can transform all of that.

Why does Annika´s approach to Infant Sleep lead to Consistent Success?

Because it is not a “sleep system.” If there was a perfect “sleep system” that worked for everyone, you already would have found it. Annika offers a customized, non-judgmental, supportive approach to sleep training that takes into account your baby’s unique needs and your family’s goals.

In your initial consultation with Annika, she will get to know your baby and will have a full understanding of your situation including:

Your baby’s temperament 

Your baby’s sleep history

Your baby’s feeding schedule and habits

Your baby’s living situation and nursery environment

Your baby’s weight and medical history

Your baby’s developmental progress

Your baby’s teething history

Your baby’s nanny or daycare situation

Sleeping infant wearing a strawberry pattern dress laying in her bed
It is completely possible to get your baby sleeping through the night and napping on schedule.

Annika will create a personalized plan of action that will enable you to meet your sleep goals and she will support you personally every step of the way. There are no junior sleep consultants or consultants-in-training at Little Sleepers.

Your family will have the full benefit of Annika’s 20-years’ experience teaching literally 1,000 children to sleep. Annika works with only a select few families at a time so that she can give your family the attention it deserves.

Black haired baby sleeping on his stomach in his bed
Full Sleep Consultation With Annika

Two-hour virtual consultation with Annika

Plan of action customized to your child and family’s specific needs

Four weeks of unlimited personal support provided directly by Annika

Week one: sleep training begins, texts/calls after each sleep cycle

Week two: nighttime sleep has typically come together; continued nap training, texts/calls after each sleep cycle as needed

Week three: a solid night and day sleep schedule has taken shape; texts/calls provided as needed

Week four: wrap-up call to discuss how to maintain healthy sleep habits moving forward including concerns related to travel and sickness

*Packages available for twins and triplets.

A dark haired infant wide awake on his bed

What are the benefits of a Full Sleep Consultation?

After a full consultation with Annika, babies sleep consistently for 11-12 hours at night and nap on a schedule. The benefits for your baby and for you and for your partner are incredible:

Discovering what your happy and well-rested baby is really like

Experiencing your life with more focus and clarity

Enjoying time with your baby when you are both rested

Looking forward to seeing your baby after a good night’s sleep

Enjoying time with your partner again 

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner again

Resting assured knowing that your baby is getting the sleep he or she needs

The best part is that you will finish with Annika feeling confident and empowered as a parent.

If it sounds too good to be true, read testimonials from families who have experienced the miracle of a good night's sleep here.

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