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Happy mother holding her young daughter as the wear matching white sweaters

Parent Coaching

Annika provides a supportive space for you to gain clarity around your challenges and create an intentional path forward that leads to a more harmonious family dynamic. 

Parent coaching with Annika is a collaborative process where together we identify your challenges, articulate your goals and develop a plan of action for you to become the parent you desire to be.

You are a loving and well-intentioned parent. Despite your best intentions and deepest desire, you find yourself feeling as if you are not being the parent you desire to be. Your relationship with your children may be marked with conflict, stress, or struggle. You may wish for more harmony and ease and less chaos in your daily interactions. You are not alone! Many parents struggle. The best parents seek support and guidance.


One-on-one coaching with Annika enables you to become the parent who you have always wanted to be and to have the loving, connected relationship with your children that you have always wanted to have. 

parents with two young children gathered in the kitchen for dinner

Annika´s Approach to Parent Coaching

In private parent coaching sessions, Annika will help you get to the root of what's causing your current parenting challenges and then collaborate with you on a plan to address the issues, taking into consideration your child’s temperament, history and developmental stage. 

Annika has a two-pronged approach in her work with parents.

  1. Parenting with awareness. Parenting well when your child’s behavior is challenging isn’t about following steps outlined in a book; it’s about learning to be fully present in a relationship with your child. Few of us have been taught explicitly the art of being present in times of conflict in our roles as parents. Cultivating that awareness is a foundational skill that is at the heart of Annika’s approach to parent coaching.

  2. Implementing proven strategies for behavioral change.  Working with a foundation of awareness, Annika will create with you a plan to address the specific behaviors that are challenging within your family. Using positive reinforcement, consistent parenting techniques and creative behavioral modification strategies, Annika’s plan of action for your family will help you to create meaningful and lasting change.

Smiling mother lays on a quilt with her newborn baby

Common issues addressed in coaching sessions include: 

Parenting a strong-willed or sensitive child

Parenting without bribes

Reducing toddler tantrums

Helping your older child adjust to a new sibling

Navigating sibling rivalry

Setting appropriate screen time limits and ensuring cooperation

Managing mealtime struggles

Getting kids to cooperate with morning routines and chores

Overcoming toilet training challenges 

Reducing bedtime struggles

Fostering resilience and self-confidence in your child

Implementing consistent boundary setting 

The benefits of Parent Coaching

Working with Annika, you will refine your vision of what you want for your relationship with your child(ren). You will meet your goals by following the action plan that you create in your sessions and you will have Annika’s support and guidance along the way. The benefits are many for you - and for your children!

Deeper relationship with your child(ren)

End ongoing battles around chores, homework, morning/bedtime routines and more

Reduced stress at home

More joy and satisfaction in your role as a parent

Less time spent yelling, lecturing, and controlling and more time enjoying your child(ren) 

Increased closeness with your child(ren)

Your children will feel calmer and less anxious

Learn to respond with calmness to difficult situations rather than being reactive or angry

Increase your capacity for empathy 

Become aware of your own triggers in your relationship with your child

18 month old brown eyed boy laying across a white arm chair

"Annika has been instrumental in helping our young family of three (1, 2.5, 4.5 years old)  not only through the tough challenges of sleep training for our 2.5 year old, but also on parent coaching. She has helped us understand how our young children are thinking and how best to respond to various scenarios. We have dug deep into our three children with very different personalities helping us understand them and nurture them with structure. The biggest accomplishment was getting our middle to sleep through the night, something we were struggling with for the past year and she was able to fix within days." - Mom of 3

Parent Coaching Services

50-minute virtual coaching sessions with Annika; sessions may be purchased individually or in a package; parents often benefit from weekly sessions depending on the nature of the issues that need to be addressed.

Are you ready to learn more about parent coaching? Please schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call with Annika by clicking below.

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