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Happy newborn lays peacefully on her bed

Little Sleepers - New York, NY

Top-tier sleep coaching services in New York ensure your whole family gets the sleep they need and deserve.

Why Choose Little Sleepers in New York, NY?

Little Sleepers is a globally renowned sleep consulting service that has provided customized sleep solutions for infants, toddlers, and young children for two decades. New parents struggling to establish healthy day and night sleep routines for their babies rave about the results they experience working with Little Sleepers. Annika’s gentle and caring approach also works with toddlers and young children. She arms parents with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure optimum sleep habits for their children and themselves.

Comparison of Little Sleepers in New York, NY to other Sleep Consulting Services

Although the city is home to many sleep consulting services, most provide a one-size-fits-all program or very limited support. Annika specializes in providing customized sleep solutions that are unique to each NYC family and child. Her customized approach and unlimited support as well as her two decades of experience are what differentiate Annika from the other sleep consultants you may consider. Many of Annika’s clients come to her after wasting time and money on other sleep coaches whose approach fails to meet their specific needs. Working with Annika from the outset will minimize the stress and time involved in improving your family’s sleep habits.

Benefits of Choosing Little Sleepers in New York, NY

If you’re a parent worried about the irregular sleeping habits of your newborn, toddler, or young child, Annika can help you get to the heart of the issue and put you on a path to healthy sleep for the whole family. Healthy sleep habits are a necessary and essential foundation for children’s physical and psychological development. Annika has worked with many New York families to get their children’s sleep habits on track and the benefits to the whole family are many. They include discovering what your happy and well-rested baby is really like; experiencing your life with more focus and clarity; looking forward to seeing your baby after a good night’s sleep; rest assured knowing that your child is getting the sleep that he or she needs and deserves. 

1. Convenient Virtual Services

Annika, a mother of three beautiful children of her own, understands the hectic schedule and demands of being a parent. She offers convenient virtual sleep coaching that can be conducted online on your laptop or phone. Annika’s virtual consultations are offered to all families regardless of their geographic location around the world. It is what enables her to work with families around the globe and to provide unlimited support across time zones. Book a consultation today and see how it works for you.

2. Experienced Consulting Services

Annika has more than 20 years of experience in infant and child sleep consulting. She has helped more than 1,000 families to establish healthy sleep habits for their little ones. Her expertise and experience in the field allow her to identify and swiftly solve any sleeping problems. Annika has seen it all throughout her years of practice, from newborns who wake up frequently in the middle of the night to toddlers who jump out of their cribs or beds. She has developed a deep understanding of the many challenges parents face in managing their children's sleep and has developed strategies that work to accommodate all manner of issues.

3. More than One Thousand Happy Clients

Annika has achieved success working with more than one thousand families in New York and around the world. You can read interviews with two of her New York-based clients below or click here to read about the experiences of many others.

Jennifer describes Annika as “A miracle worker” and says, ¨In a matter of a few weeks she gave me the tools and the skills I needed to train my 2 1/2-year-old son to sleep through the night.¨

Melissa, a mother of two writes, “Annika Brindley gave us our lives back! Her unending support and guidance got Ben sleeping through the night on his own in less than two weeks. Simply put - Annika is incredible!”

4. Unlimited Support

Annika uniquely offers unlimited support to help clients overcome any obstacles that may arise during their time working together. She knows that teaching healthy sleep habits to children and changing sleep routines takes time and is a gradual process. That’s why she is always available during the process to provide you with emotional support and reassurance via text and phone calls. Annika adapts the initial sleep strategy plan as needed over time and troubleshoots any tricky issues that arise along the way. She is a full partner in the work with her families so you are never alone. 

5. Customized Sleep Plans

Every child’s sleep needs vary depending on age, temperament, and where they are in their development. Annika’s personalized sleep plans are designed to meet the sleep requirements of your little one. She ensures her sleep plans are effective by working closely with her parents and adjusting accordingly. Satisfied parents around the US praise Annika for her tailor-made approach to creating healthy sleep habits. 

Little Sleepers' SUCCESS STORIES: Sofia and Jeremy

Sofia´s Story

1. How was Sofia’s nighttime sleep before you found Little Sleepers?

In a word: miserable! Sofia was very difficult to get to sleep. She required being held to fall asleep, which was nice for the first few weeks, but not sustainable. Naps were also a real struggle. Sofia needed a lot of help to fall asleep; her inconsistent naps were also a detriment for her, as she was cranky and tired all day. 

Infant sleep consulting client holds her newborn Sofia in a New York City park

2. What did you try before you hired Little Sleepers and how did you find us?

We tried everything before we hired Little Sleepers!! We tried different swaddles, different schedules, approaches; nothing worked. One of my best friends in NYC worked with Annika as a sleep consultant and highly recommended her so we decided to go for it.

3. How were your child’s sleep issues impacting your family before you worked with Annika?

Sofia has an older brother who is full of energy, so we had little downtime during the day. Being sleep deprived was truly affecting our day-to-day and mental health. 

4. What is unique about raising a child in New York City? How did those factors play into your child’s sleep schedule or issues?

Raising a kid in NYC is amazing. There’s so much to do and children are exposed to so many great things. The challenge to living here is that space can be tight, which makes sleep training really important as any middle of the night crying wakes up the entire household. Working with Annika for us was a true blessing as our children shared a room, which meant our toddler was constantly being woken up by our infant daughter. Annika did a great job of working within our circumstances to manage that.

5. By the end of your four weeks of working with Little Sleepers, how was Sofia doing?

Sofia was sleeping through the night (falling asleep on her own) and napping like a champ! It was so much easier to manage our schedules and she was so much happier as she was properly rested!  Life now is so much better! We’re ALL rested :)

6. What would you tell another parent who is thinking of working with Annika Brindley?

Do it. It’ll be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Annika is more than a sleep consultant; she truly is such a wonderful source of wisdom and advice. We are so happy to have found her!

Jeremy´s Story

1. How was Jeremy’s nighttime sleep before you found Little Sleepers?

Oh my goodness, Jeremy’s sleep was TERRIBLE before Little Sleepers! He was 6

months and still waking up 4x+ times a night!! It was truly a nightmare! And naps? 

What naps?!!! Ha! He would only sleep when being held and it was totally inconsistent. He was overtired and grumpy -- and so were we!!

Red haired mother holds toddler Jeremy on an outdoor patio in New York City

2. What infant sleep resources did you try before you hired Little Sleepers?

We had worked with TWO other sleep consultants and read ALL the books we could get our hands on! Honestly, my biggest regret is that we didn’t use Little Sleepers earlier. The first consultant we used was very affordable but just a 45-minute session and literally did not make a difference at all. The second consultant was more expensive but not much better -- it was a several hour session with email support after. It didn’t help us! We were stuck, miserable and TIRED!! I wish we hadn’t wasted our time on cheaper consultants -- they were a waste of time and money!  Only Annika really changed our lives by providing us the gift of sleep!

3. How were your child’s sleep issues impacting your family before you worked with Annika?

The exhaustion was making us CRAZY!! We both work full time at demanding jobs and were barely keeping it together without rest. It impacted our jobs and our marriage -- both very negatively. We were both worn out and couldn’t even really enjoy our time with our new baby because we were so worn out and grumpy! Frankly, we were both

pretty agitated with each other and spread super thin!!

4. What made you choose Little Sleepers as your sleep consultant?

We spoke with others who had worked with Annika and they explained how helpful she was and how much support she provided to make sure the baby really learned to sleep! We also were really impressed with Annika and her approach and experience. We sent her diagrams of Jeremy’s room and she gave step-by-step direction, which is exactly what we needed!

5. What is unique about raising a child in NYC? How did those factors play into your child’s sleep schedule or issues?

NYC is an awesome place to raise children -- it’s incredibly stimulating and diverse! It absolutely cannot be beat! Our kids see live music in the park every weekend -- sometimes performed by semi-professional musicians! That said, quarters can be tight and noisy! We live in a small apartment and we were a bit self-conscious about what our neighbors would think about the baby crying! Annika helped give us the confidence to make the right choices for our family and helped coach us about how we could share with our neighbors what to expect!

6. By the end of your four weeks of working with Annika, how was Jeremy doing?

He was sleeping and napping like a champ! Our family life had taken a HUGE turn for the better!!! We were able to enjoyJeremy as a baby -- and each other! Honestly, it was a huge, huge change in such a short period of time!! Especially after having worked with two other sleep consultants unsuccessfully, we were skeptical. Turns out, we just needed Annika’s approach!!

7. What was your biggest win after working with Little Sleepers?

Being able to have a date night after Jeremy was in bed!! This may not sound like a parenting win, but connecting as a couple when you have a baby is so hard! Finding time for each other -- and for other friends, and theater, and dinner and just having a life -- because we knew Jeremy would sleep soundly was a huge win. It felt like we had gotten our lives back! We are all so much happier to be well rested and have full and balanced lives! The other thing that was great about working with Annika was learning how important it is as parents to set boundaries!!! Jeremy is 5 years old now, and we continue to use this lesson.

8. What do you like best about living in NYC?

The amazing diversity!!! We love being in such a vibrant place with so many different kinds of people. It’s awesome.         - Irene and Zeke

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