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Annika Brindley, the founder of Little Sleepers, sitting on a white couch with her three young children

About Annika

Founder  of

Little Sleepers  


My life´s purpose is to educate, support and empower children and adults.

Hello, I am Annika Brindley, a sleep consultant for children and adults, and the founder of Little Sleepers LLC, an infant and child sleep consulting practice located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I work locally and globally to help families solve their children’s sleep challenges. I also coach adults with sleep issues.

My practice has grown across the past two decades to include adult sleep consulting and parent coaching. My parent coaching practice allows parents to become whole, resilient, self-loving adults who can raise whole, resilient, self-loving children. My work with adults allows them to get the sleep they need and deserve.

Besides my work as an infant, child and adult sleep coach, and parent coach, the greatest joy in my life is being a mother of three beautiful little sleepers of my own.

Career as a Sleep Consultant & Parent Coach 

I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles, California. I began my career providing counseling and therapy to individuals, couples, and families at the Women’s Clinic and Family Counseling Centre in Los Angeles.

It was through working with families with young children that I began to see a common factor causing conflict and division: lack of sleep. Overtired, exhausted children and conflicted, frustrated parents were at odds with one another. I began my quest to create a solution.

I was inspired to create what I call The Art of Sleep: a supportive, nurturing, and empowering way of teaching parents how to teach their children how to sleep.


Nothing makes me feel happier and more satisfied than helping a sleep-deprived family transform into a well-rested one. Helping a family go from sleep chaos to blissful sleep is magnificent.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of beautiful families, lecture at numerous pre-schools, speak to obstetric and pediatric offices, and run parent-child coaching circles to get countless people sleeping well.

Sleep consultant and parent coach Annika Brindley sitting on a white sofa
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