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Happy newborn lays peacefully on her bed

Little Sleepers - Boston, MA

Best sleep consultation with the highest level of support for your little ones, ensuring their physical, emotional, and cognitive growth in Boston and beyond.

Why Choose Little Sleepers in Boston, MA?

Sleep is essential to a child's development. As a parent, you want to ensure your child gets the best possible sleep. Annika understands the importance of a good night's sleep at Little Sleepers. Thus, she provides personalized and compassionate care to help your child achieve that. Founder and consultant Annika has over 20 years of experience helping children of all ages overcome their sleep problems. She can help your little ones establish healthy sleep routines and lead active lives. Annika's dedication and commitment to providing each child's best care shines through in her work. She shows genuine care and empathy towards her clients.

Comparison of Little Sleepers in Boston, MA to other Sleep Consulting Services

You should choose a sleep consultation service that understands your child's needs and preferences. Little Sleepers is your best choice in Boston and beyond, as it recognizes the sleep challenges faced by kids all over the globe. Annika believes that every child is special and deserves specialized care. So, she prefers making personalized sleep plans instead of blindly distributing generic sleep routines and advice to all parents. You can work with Annika to better understand your child’s sleep patterns. Annika is passionate and empathetic; you won’t have difficulty approaching her with your kid’s bedtime issues. Whether it’s a minor or a major concern, Annika will listen carefully and gently help you solve them.

Benefits of Choosing Little Sleepers in Boston, MA

If you’re exhausted from tending to your sleepless newborn and want a nurturing and personalized solution, you can choose Little Sleepers. Little Sleepers offers tailored sleep coaching sessions under the caring guidance of expert Annika. She knows the importance of quality of sleep and the toll that sleep deprivation can take on you and your little one. Thus, Annika strives to create a warm and welcoming environment where your family can feel supported. Whether you’re new to parenthood or have several kids, Annika will provide unlimited support during sleep consultation. The busy city of Boston can cause your little ones to experience discomfort and trouble while falling asleep. So, they need a gentle and effective sleep solution to achieve a good night’s sleep. Little Sleepers can help your little ones establish healthy sleeping and napping schedules for restful and rejuvenating sleep. You’ll notice the difference in just a few sessions. To learn more, you can book a 15-minute consultation for free.

1. Convenient Virtual Services

As the parent of a newborn, you may find it exhausting to travel to a sleep appointment. Waiting for your turn in the queue may not be viable for you. Annika understands all these hassles, so she provides convenient virtual service that can be accessed from anywhere, and anytime you need. It is very helpful to parents who have a busy schedule.  Annika can update you with interventions immediately, and you don’t have to wait until the new meeting. Her virtual consulting services are just as effective as in-person appointments. You can schedule the appointment at a time suitable for you.

2. Experienced Consulting Services

Nothing beats Annika's expertise in helping children get a good night’s sleep. Her two decades of experience have helped over 1,000 families overcome their newborn’s sleep problems. You can feel relieved as you are working with an expert. Annika teaches you how to soothe your infant, baby, or child so that they can fall asleep independently. Her combined experience as a sleep consultant and as a mother is what makes Little Sleepers different and stand out. Being a mother, she understands the troubles of raising a child and the importance of getting quality sleep for your little ones. So, parents will find her solutions more relatable and practical.

3. More than One Thousand Happy Clients

Annika stays current with the latest field advancement. She then utilizes proven techniques to create a personalized sleep plan for your kids. Annika's approach is always warm, supportive, and patient, ensuring that parents feel heard and understood. The heartwarming success stories of more than one thousand families that Annika helped prove that her method works.

“Annika's constructive, child-centered approach to solving infant sleep problems helped us tremendously.” - Sara, Mother of four-month-old boy

“Annika helped solve our 3 year old daughter's sleep problems in miraculous fashion. We were most impressed with Annika's ability to quickly, and correctly, diagnose our daughter's sleep issues.” - Jason, Father of 3 year-old girl

4. Unlimited Support

Choosing Little Sleepers means that you're not alone in this journey. Annika is always there for you, providing unlimited guidance and support every step of the way during the consultation period. Changing the sleeping habits of your little ones takes time, and you may doubt whether you’re doing it correctly. Annika understands that parenting is no easy feat, so she's always there providing a helping hand, a listening ear, and a generous heart. She is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer encouragement whenever you need it during the consultation period. So, Annika is easily accessible during this emotional and challenging state.

5. Customized Sleep Plans

Like every snowflake is unique, every child and family is special. Annika puts her heart and soul into creating personalized sleep plans that cater to each child's unique needs and personality. She considers the child's physical, mental, and spiritual state and family struggles. Annika is a mother of three, so she has a soft spot for kids. She works extra hard to help the toddlers get their desired sleep. She considers other factors like nightmares, discomfort, a sibling quarrel, etc., to create a warm and supportive sleep plan for your child. It keeps them healthy and active for the whole week.

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