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Happy newborn lays peacefully on her bed

Little Sleepers - Houston, TX

Sleep consulting in Houston and beyond to a healthy and restful night’s sleep for infants, babies, and children with a personalized sleep plan so that they get the sleep they deserve.

Why Choose Little Sleepers in Houston, TX?

Little Sleepers cares about your child’s well-being. Annika, the founder and compassionate sleep consultant, understands the challenges of establishing healthy sleep patterns. She is a mother of three little ones, so she knows what you’re going through when your child can’t fall asleep. Annika came up with Little Sleepers to help you and your family. She has more than two decades of experience in sleep coaching and takes a personalized approach. She tailors her programs to meet each client's unique needs and preferences. Also, her sleep plans help your children navigate their sleep cycle and ultimately have a happy and energetic life.

Comparison of Little Sleepers in Houston, TX to other Sleep Consulting Services

Infants, babies, and children have difficulty adjusting to the new environment outside the mother’s womb. They may wake up frequently during the night. Annika feels the frustration of parents whose infants, babies, or children just don’t sleep. She has the expertise to address a wide range of sleep issues with children. She believes in a personalized approach to creating specific plans that work for your family. Annika has seen countless cases and helped newborns establish healthy sleeping habits. Her proven methods combine gentle techniques with evidence-based behavioral strategies for a holistic and effective approach. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about Little Sleepers.

Benefits of Choosing Little Sleepers in Houston, TX

Annika understands how difficult it is to be a parent. You must squeeze time out of your busy schedule to care for them. They may wake up frequently at night crying and not even sleep. It can make you feel demotivated and unworthy to be a parent. Little sleepers can help you overcome any sleep issues your little one has been facing. With Annika’s years of expertise as a sleep consultant and years of experience as a mother, you won’t have any trouble putting your newborn to sleep. The best part? Annika’s sleep coaching is fully virtual. So you won’t have to squeeze more time out of your already busy schedule. Annika helps you establish a consistent sleep routine, create a conducive sleep environment and offer effective strategies to address any sleep challenges your little one may face. The prime benefits of choosing Little Sleepers in Houston, TX, and beyond are described below.

1. Convenient Virtual Services

Today, everything is digitized, and finding time to take your kids to physical sleep appointments may only be convenient for some parents. With Little Sleepers, you won’t have to go through all the physical troubles of visiting sleep consultants. Its flexibility can be particularly helpful for busy parents who may not have the time or ability to attend in-person consultations. You can easily schedule appointments at your convenience with just a click of a button—no need to stay in a long line for hours waiting for your turn. Virtually receive Annika’s sleep coaching and consultation for your little ones whenever and wherever you want.

2. Experienced Consulting Services

Annika Brindley, the heart and soul of Little Sleepers, has more than 20 years of experience in sleep consulting. Her expertise and dedication have made her a highly respected and trusted sleep consultant in the US. She has identified and solved countless children's sleep issues, including nightmares, discomfort, separation anxiety, and many more. With her compassionate and personalized approach, she has helped over one thousand families across the globe overcome their toddler’s sleep issues. Annika is kind and empathetic towards kids of all ages, so the parents feel a sense of ease when talking to her. When you book an appointment with Annika, you also get the POV of an experienced mother.

3. More than One Thousand Happy Clients

Annika is a passionate and dedicated sleep consultant who stays updated on the latest research and techniques. Her approach is based on evidence-based practices that can soothe newborns, toddlers, and children of all ages. It helps them promote healthy sleep habits. The testimonials of 1000+ happy clients are all it needs to prove that her methods work like magic.

¨Within a month, both of our kids were sleeping through the night together in the same room. We could not have done it without Annika´s techniques and endless support.¨ - Maureen,  Mother of a boy and a girl

¨I loved working with Annika! In just two quick weeks I had my 5-month-old sleeping through the night and taking regular naps (long ones!).” - Caroline,  Mother of two girls

4. Unlimited Support

Sleep issues are complex, and this can seem daunting for new parents without prior experience in putting kids to bed. However, with Annika by your side, you’ll receive all the guidance and encouragement necessary. She works tirelessly to help parents like you understand the root causes of your child's bedtime difficulties. Her warm and compassionate demeanor helps parents feel heard and supported as they navigate the challenges of sleep training. Choosing Little Sleepers gives you unlimited access to her via text and phone calls throughout your coaching program. So, conquer your newborn’s sleep issues and help them enjoy restful and rejuvenating.

5. Customized Sleep Plans

Little Sleepers understands this and is committed to helping your child enjoy the restful sleep they deserve. Annika believes that each family is unique, and she uses her vast knowledge and experience to provide personalized sleep solutions that work. She tailors her sleep program according to the child’s age and temperament. Annika empowers you by providing a clear roadmap that guides you in helping your little ones develop healthy sleep habits and achieve restful nights. Her customized sleep plan will outline step-by-step strategies and techniques you can implement. She considers sleep's emotional, mental, and physical aspects to establish a personalized sleep routine for your little ones.

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