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San Francisco sleep consulting clients holding their sleeping infant on the couch

Little Sleepers - San Francisco, CA

Compassionate and personalized approach to infant, toddler, and young child sleep, providing them with restful nights and parents with the peace of mind they deserve in San Francisco and beyond.

Why Choose Little Sleepers in San Francisco, CA?

If you're searching for a dependable and sympathetic sleep consulting service for your little one in San Francisco, Little Sleepers should be on your radar. Annika has provided sleep coaching to newborns, toddlers, and infants across the US through Little Sleepers. Families who work with Annika describe their experience as warm, caring, and personal. She has more than 20 years of experience in sleep consultation and has helped more than one thousand families regain control of their sleep. She is incredibly skilled, experienced, and compassionate about helping your kids get the sleep they need and deserve!

Comparison of Little Sleepers in San Francisco, CA to other Sleep Consulting Services

While choosing a sleep consultation service in the bustling city of San Francisco, you should prioritize quality and experience. There might be countless options available within this city, but the one that has won the heart of thousands is Little Sleepers. She has extensive expertise as a sleep consultant and is a mother of three children, giving her a unique perspective. Annika understands the pain and frustration of parents struggling to put their newborns to sleep at night. Unlike other consultants, she presents you with a personalized approach and offers solutions based on her experience. To start your journey, you can book a 15 min free consultation.

Benefits of Choosing Little Sleepers in San Francisco, CA

Sleeping through the night and having a well-rested body can determine the rest of your child’s day. It greatly impacts their mood, energy level, and ability to learn, grow and develop. However, the hustle and bustle of San Francisco can disrupt your little one’s sleep schedule. Little Sleepers is the best sleep consultation service to help kids learn to sleep well by establishing healthy sleeping habits. Annika has dedicated herself to helping families receive the best possible care. She provides convenient consultation services that can be accessed through your phone. She understands the unique sleep patterns and is familiar with the challenges different children face during the stages of development. Her consulting can improve the behavior and mood of your child with a positive impact on overall health. Choosing Annika means choosing a passionate and caring mother as your sleep consultant. Little Sleeper helps families improve their infant, baby, and child's sleep habits. Here are some of their benefits:

1. Convenient Virtual Services

Finding time for in-person sleep consulting services can be a challenge. Annika offers virtual consultation services. Virtual sleep coaching can be attended anywhere. It allows for more personalized scheduling. This approach benefits busy parents who prefer to avoid traveling for consultation. Balancing and fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent is much easier. You can discuss sleep-related concerns openly and honestly without feeling rushed or distracted. Your geographic location does not restrict you. Virtual services help you access the expertise of Annika regardless of where you reside if you have a reliable internet connection. It is also beneficial if you are needing to relocate or travel frequently.

2. Experienced Consulting Services

Annika has seen all kinds of sleep issues in her 20+ years of experience. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge from working with thousands of families. The testimonials from her clients all over the globe are proof of the variety of sleep issues she has faced and solved as a sleep consultant. Also, her experience as a mother is especially helpful when dealing with small kids. Annika can identify these issues by learning whether a child struggles to sleep at night due to nightmares, fears, or separation anxiety. She creates the processes and plans for assisting the parents in creating new routines.

3. More than One Thousand Happy Clients

Annika has worked with clients all over the globe who have provided an overwhelming amount of testimonials and evidence of her effectiveness. Her extensive client base speaks to the effectiveness and satisfaction of her consulting services. Her clients have shared their success stories on how Annika’s calm and thoughtful approach helped their child achieve healthy sleeping habits.

“Working with Annika was one of the best decisions we have made as a family. I wish we had done it sooner.” - Alexander’s mother

“Within just a few weeks, my daughter was sleeping 12 hours at night, eating incredibly well, napping well - it was life-changing.” - Leila’s mother

4. Ongoing Support

Little Sleepers understands that the journey towards better sleep for a child can be tough so they support families throughout the consultation. New parents may doubt themselves when they can’t put their newborns to sleep. Thus, Annika is committed to being accessible to her clients and responding to any inquiries they may have during the sleep coaching process. She believes being present and supporting parents, especially those new to parenthood, can make a huge difference. You’ll be treated as a family member with all the care and support you receive from Annika. Sign up for a consultation today!

5. Customized Sleep Plans

Annika Brindley, in her 20+ years of experience, has found that every family is unique and that a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep coaching doesn’t work to get the results that families need. Initially, she does the assessment of the sleep pattern of your infant, baby, or child. She takes the time to understand the specific needs of each child and family. It gives her all the knowledge she needs to develop an age-appropriate sleep plan for the child with effective sleep routines. Annika considers everything from sleep hygiene to sibling issues and beyond to create the perfect sleep plan. Her customized sleep plans and personalized approach have helped countless families in San Francisco and beyond.

Little Sleepers' SUCCESS STORIES: Tess

Tess´s Story

1. How was Tess’s sleep before you found Little Sleepers?

HORRIFIC.  She wasn’t a terrible newborn, but suddenly just stopped sleeping around 15-16 weeks, right when I was going back to work after maternity leave. And her naps were so random! One day she’d sleep for 10 minutes and another she’d sleep for 2 hours.

Annika Brindley a child sleep consultant Little Sleepers LLC, an infant, baby and child sleep consulting practice San Francisco, California

Usually, it would take us longer to rock or bounce her to sleep than the length of the actual nap. My husband and I would take turns holding or rocking her for hours at a time, and I thought I was going to either have to quit my job or give her up for adoption. Just kidding (kind of)!

2. What did you try before you hired Little Sleepers?

We tried everything! I read books, bought Taking Cara Babies’ online course and listened to every one of our friends’ advice. None were helpful!

3. How were your child’s sleep issues impacting your family before you worked with Annika and what made you look for a sleep consultant?

Luckily my husband was helpful when her sleep got really bad, but it was no fun. I have a demanding job in San Francisco and when I realized that I could not do my job during the day if I wasn’t sleeping at night, I decided I needed to get help.

My best friend and college roommate, Sam, hired Annika as a sleep consultant 8 or 9 years ago and still remembered how she saved her life/marriage! I called her asking if she knew anything about how the fire station drop-off worked if we decided having kids wasn’t for us and, maybe as a backup plan, whether I should just quit my job. Instead, she suggested we hire Annika to be our sleep coach.

4. What made you choose Little Sleepers?

I was so tired. I don’t even remember our first phone call. I may have fallen asleep during it.  But I do recall we did the math that hiring four days of overnight help was about the same cost, and my friend said that it’s better to solve our sleep problems than get a bandaid (overnight help).

5. Did you have any concerns before working with Little Sleepers?

I was terrified to let our baby cry! However, Annika was so supportive and kind, while being tough and firm. She put my mind at ease and supported us every step of the way. She knows her stuff and her confidence brings comfort. Communication with Annika was always helpful, fun, entertaining, everything, life saving, amazing!

6. What is unique about raising a child in San Francisco? How did those factors play into your child’s sleep schedule or issues?

I work in finance in San Francisco, so I have East Coast hours on the West coast, which means getting up for work at 4:00 or 4:30 am.  That’s tiring enough without a baby making it worse!  But now it’s amazing because I get to spend my afternoons with her.

7. By the end of your four weeks of working with Annika, how was your family doing?

Tess was (and still is) a champion sleeper by the end of our four weeks working with Annika.  She has slept through the night since, is on a schedule, and is SO much happier too! She is a super happy maniac with tons of energy and loves her strict sleep schedule! An even bigger win we had was finding joy in being a parent again. As a bonus, getting Tess to sleep enabled me to convince my husband to have a second, and we are due in four weeks!  There is no way we would have had more children if we didn’t sleep.

8. What would you tell another parent who is thinking of working with Annika Brindley?

IT IS THE BEST MONEY YOU WILL EVER SPEND. Sleep is so important. And Annika is some sort of wizard/magician! Literally on the first night we knew we had made the right choice. After an initial adjustment, Tess then slept for 10 hours which she had never done in her life!

9. What do you like best about living in SF?

I love that we can be outside all year round and are driving distance to so many amazing places like skiing in Tahoe and wine country. San Francisco is a great place to raise a child provided that your child sleeps!

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