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There is no better way to learn about the work of Little Sleepers than to hear from the families with whom I have worked.

Two year old black haired boy in a blue striped shirt sleeping with his blue blanket

¨Annika has been a fantastic partner. From the beginning she took the time to understand our situation and create a tailored plan for our child. However, where she really stands out is everything after the plan. Annika was supportive, patient and firm with us when needed. She is extremely responsive and has helped us not only during our initial engagement but also during future moments of needed sleep reinforcement.... We are lucky to have worked with Annika. ¨

- Dad of Aria, 18 months

Annika provided phenomenal support when we were really struggling as a family and provided the structure and guidance we needed to get our kids to sleep. We have come back to her time after time and recommend her to all of our friends because she is amazing. We have two very different children and her method worked with both. SIGN UP WITH ANNIKA ASAP. It is worth EVERY PENNY!!!

- Mom of Aubrey, 5.5 months

Jack slept terribly before we worked with Little Sleepers.. He would wake up every 2 hours wanting to breastfeed. He slept next to us in a side crib but eventually ended up in our bed where I would just breastfeed and fall asleep of tiredness. His naps would also be very few, once or twice a day and they wouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. He would sleep wherever, the hammock, the sofa, the bed, our arms...whenever we managed to make him fall asleep we would just leave him there and not dare to move. My best friend told me her experience with “Magical Annika” was fast, simple, painless and sustainable. Trusting her, I decided to contact Annika.

Four weeks working with Annika changed my baby… he was sleeping 10 hours straight at night with 2 naps of 1.5 hours minimum each! We were both not cranky anymore. Harmony was restored to my home!

I would tell another family who is considering working with Annika:  don’t give it a second thought. Yes, the price might strike you (I won’t lie) but it is worth every penny because she is THERE for you. You are not paying for a generic method, you are paying someone to customize a whole system based on your family’s needs, structure and lifestyle. You are also paying for the availability of a specialist almost 24 /7 (I say almost because of our time difference but she always replied ASAP). Jack (who is now 1 year, 4 months old) still sleeps like a log. Even now that I am writing from our vacation in Spain where his whole environment (bed, room, schedule) changed he keeps his sleeping habits!

Annika restored hope in what seemed like a lost case. She not only helps a baby, she helps a WHOLE family, because a sleeping baby creates a rested, happy mom who is not yelling at everyone and falling into depression. A rested baby eats, plays, and hangs out chilled and happy. A rested baby creates a rested mom and dad available for their other children.

My best friend and I now joke that we have an altar next to our child’s bed to “Saint Annika:” patroness of children’s sleep!

- Mom of Jack, 8 months


Annika changed our family’s life. We went from being completely sleep deprived and at the mercy of our very strong-willed little one, to one where things ran like clockwork. Annika was kind, supportive, and tough when necessary. We loved working with her and absolutely recommend her! Mom of Sebastian, 2.5 months

Annika is amazing! My 15-month old is sleeping 12 hours a night thanks to her. Her patience, understanding and always being available was a huge help and we now have an amazing sleeper. Cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you!

- Mom of Beau, 15 months

If you have any sleep issues look no further. After spending thousands of dollars on others Annika finally gave us peace and solutions that were on our timetable. Don’t even think about it hire her now.

-Mom of Sameer, 4 years old

Working with Annika was honestly one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. My daughter was already a pretty happy baby. We could tell right away that she had a sunny demeanor. But no matter what we tried, we couldn't figure out the sleep thing for the life of us. Everyone was suffering. I was averaging 3 hours of sleep a night. Something had to change. I kept saying to myself "imagine how happy she could be with a healthy sleep schedule." I took great pride in the fact that I thought I was "born to be a mom," and because of that, hiring someone to help me like this felt like admitting defeat. "I can't do it so I have to pay someone else to." But Annika never made me feel like I was inadequate, I never sensed any superiority or anything of the sort. She's just a woman who knows sleep and wants to teach others all about it. And I am so incredibly thrilled that I was able to swallow my pride and ask for help. When I was working with Annika I felt constantly and wholly supported. I felt like she heard me and she knew me. I felt like I was working with someone who had done this before, who knew how to handle my anxieties and fears, and who could tell me what to do in a gentle and understanding way. Annika gave us a blueprint for life. Teaching my daughter to have the independence to put herself to sleep, that she doesn't need mommy and daddy to run to her when she wakes up in the middle of the night, has been the greatest gift I can give her. I feel more confident in all aspects of motherhood now because Annika taught me that boundaries are healthy, they help my child grow, and they help me get my own personal independence back as well. Things with my husband have greatly improved because we are able to gently put our daughter to bed at 7pm, knowing she will put herself to sleep with a smile and she will be just fine until morning. Then, we can spend the entire evening rekindling our relationship. Not to mention that we are now able to get as much sleep as we want! Now my daughter sleeps better, which allows her to eat better, which allows her to grow physically and mentally healthier every day. We are a very happy family. And I really do give Annika a lot of the credit. My daughter gets some credit, too :) In conclusion ( because I could literally talk about how much I loved working with Annika for hours) I could not be happier with the process or the result of our time together. It was worth every single penny, every tough moment, every time I asked "are you sure my daughter can do this?" I'm forever grateful for Annika Brindley.

-Mom of Esther, 5 months

When we contacted Annika we were desperate for sleep. Our 5mo daughter was waking every hour of the night. With the help of sleep training, reworking our schedule, and discovering issues with feeding, Annika was able to get our daughter to take two solid naps and sleep through the night (11-12 hours). Now our daughter is 11mo and continues to follow Annika’s suggested schedule for her age. We don’t know where we’d be without Annika! 
- Mom of Charlie, 5 months


Partnering with Annika to develop and implement a sleep training plan for my two year old was the best thing I did for myself and my son in the past year! Annika provided great direction and support, and as a result, my son has slept through the night ever since we implemented her plan 6 months ago! I’m very grateful for Annika’s help.
- Elizabeth, MD. Mom of Declan, Two years old


Working with Annika was everything we hoped it would be. She had a very clear plan and total confidence that she could help our little lady who had suddenly started waking up regularly at 5am, when she had previously always slept until 6:45am. Within one week of working with Annika, we started seeing results and by 4-5 weeks after starting the program, our daughter was sleeping until 7am! Today, she sleeps regularly until 7:30am and her naps are consistent and restorative. The relief after just having our consultation with Annika was immense. She was right there for us every step of the way. She is available for text support and phone check ins so you never feel like you're doing this alone. Thanks to her, our entire family is in a much better rhythm and routine now that we've completed our work with Annika. If you are willing to put in the work and stick with it, the results are truly amazing.

-Mom of 17-month old

It was a phenomenal experience that we have recommended to many friends.
- Mom of Parker, 4 years old

Annika is a lifesaver. She becomes your personal coach and cheerleader as you learn the skills of sleep training and everyone benefits. I recommend her to everyone!!
- Mom of Ronan, 4 months

We had a wonderful experience working with Annika.  She was always available to discuss our questions and concerns and was so supportive throughout the entire process.  We highly recommend working with Annika and have referred a number of our sleep deprived friends to her!

- Darcy, MD. Mom of Collin, 22 months

Investing in a sleep consultant was the best decision we could have made. After almost two and a half years of very little sleep, our son started sleeping through the night on day 1. Annika's method is straightforward, easy and gentle. My son was on board almost instantly and I could tell he was relieved to have some structure in his sleeping habits. 100% recommended!!
- Mom of Kai, 2 years old

Annika knows her stuff and has a tried and tested method that really works. At the same time, she knows that every family is different. In our first meetings, she took the time to listen and learn about us so that we could create a solution that would work for us long term. From the first meeting, we felt supported and Annika’s commitment to stick with us until we had created a routine that worked for our family was a critical part of our success.  
- Mom of Isaiah, 2 years old


Annika's help has been invaluable. We thought our baby was just a "bad sleeper" but after a week of working with Annika and understanding how sleep works for babies and adults, our baby was sleeping 12 hours with no interruptions! He took a bit longer to learn how to sleep his naps, but Annika stayed by our side until that happened. It's been more than 7months and with all, we learned from Annika we've been able to weather teething, big milestones, trips, etc and our little one sleeps great and wakes up with a huge smile on his face. Thanks Annika!!
- Mom of Ezra, 5 months old

My husband and I were losing our minds going crazy trying to put our 10-month-old daughter to sleep. I broke down and hired Annika one night, when it took us 3 hours to put her to bed/sleep, NOT including the bedtime routine. At first hearing our daughter cry even a little was really hard, but she ALWAYS put us at ease knowing that nothing is wrong, and that was their way of protesting. She honestly became our therapist for a little while. She shared stories about how all toddlers are the same, and protest the same way. I thought we had the one child that could not possibly be sleep trained ever. After about 2 weeks of her 3-week program, our daughter was excited to go to bed and would wave goodnight to us and just roll to her side and sleep. It was magical. I'm pregnant with #2 and plan on hiring her again for our son at a much, much earlier age. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. SHE HELPS RESTORE YOUR SANITY!
- Mom of Sofia, 10 months old


We really enjoyed working with Annika, who was referred to us.  We have a very "energetic" and stubborn 2-year old that has resisted sleeping from day one.  With Annika's help, our soon-to-be 3-year old is sleeping through the night for a solid 11 hours.  We are so grateful to her as with a one-year-old and another on the way, we really needed to get Lily squared away.  Thank you!
- Dad of Lily, 2.5 years old


Working with Annika was hands down the best parenting decision we’ve made so far! We were sleep deprived, and feeling hopeless! Our son was still waking every 2-3 hours at 4 months old. The first night was so tough, but after that every time he slept he got better! And now all of our friends and family are jealous at how good of a sleeper we have! 11.5 hours in the crib every night, and very consistent, solid naps. We tell everyone we know how amazing Annika and her program is. Highly recommend!!! 

-Mom of Kaison, 4 months old

Annika changed our lives and enabled us to give our baby the greatest gift- the ability to sleep and self soothe.   We thought we could just read some books and do it ourselves, but the reassurance of an expert when you’re baby is crying is priceless. I could have never left her to struggle and learn on her own without this kind of support. And now we have a baby who sleeps 12 hours every night through teething, vacations, city noise and everything else that comes her way. Annika is amazing.
- Mom of Taylor, 4 months old


Annika and Little Sleepers saved our family (and our sleep)! My 5-year-old daughter was coming into our bedroom multiple times a night every night and would/could not go back to sleep without me taking her back to her room and laying in bed with her (and even then she often would not go back to sleep). Sometimes she was up for the rest of the night. We had tried so many suggestions, ideas, and tactics, but nothing was working. I came to Annika (based on a referral) totally desperate - my husband, daughter, and I were exhausted, cranky, and sleep deprived. Annika worked with me closely over the course of several weeks to come up with a comprehensive plan tailored to my daughter's personality, issues, and challenges. It was based on her core philosophy and years of experience, but it also addressed all of my daughter''s particular challenges. And as the weeks went by and some aspects were working more than others for us, she helped me tweak and adapt the program to make it more effective for our situation and my comfort level. She always made herself available to me and provided continued advice, support, and resources, and she was constantly encouraging me and reminding me to keep my eye on the prize. In the end (now 2 months after finishing the program), my daughter is falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night - every night!!  There are no more struggles or challenges. I am forever grateful I connected with Annika and her services were worth every penny!
- Mom of Skylar, 5 years old


I thought it was a great experience overall.  We are more than happy to serve as a reference if needed and will definitely be reaching out when we have another baby. 
- Dad of Olivia, 5 months old


Working with Annika has completely changed our lives for the better! We were at our wits end and ready to seek out a sleep study (clearly there had to be something wrong we thought) when our pediatrician recommended Little Sleepers. Our 3 year old , who since she was 7 weeks old had  not only slept with us but slept ON us, is now sleeping in her own room by herself all night. We are now all able to actually get restful sleep and enjoy the time we do get to spend together during  the day. Annika’s confidence  instilled the same confidence in us that we could do this! And we did, with Annika walking us through every step of the way. Annika’s commitment to the end goal was priceless at a time when we had been met with constant failure when trying to sleep “train”. I would recommend working with Little Sleepers 110%.

- Mom of Ella, 3 years old


We are forever grateful to Annika and her support! She helped us every step of the way during the sleep training process, and gave us incredible advice every time we needed it. More importantly, she restored our happiness. Our baby  is getting the best sleep and so are we!  
- Mom and Dad of Millie, 8 months old


We are so thankful for finding Annika! Not only is our two year old sleeping through the night now, we have the tools to handle any hiccups along the way. Our whole family is so thankful for the full night's sleep we're getting!
- Mom of Rami, 2.5 years old


I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Annika! It is not an exaggeration to say she changed our lives for the better. Before Annika we had to nurse or rock our baby to sleep, he was up at 4 am and our schedule was a free for all. All of that changed after working with Annika. She was there every step of the way, guiding us and offering support. We read so many sleep training books but those are for "a baby" not " your baby. " Annika designs a plan for your baby and is there to help you implement the plan day in and day out. If you're thinking about hiring Annika, do it! We're better parents for it and our baby is happier for it. Again, no exaggeration here to say it was the best money we've ever spent.
- Mom of George, 4 months old


Annika is simply amazing. She knows what she is doing and if you listen and implement her advice, your children will sleep like champs. We were at the end of our rope with our two babies--they'd wake up every night 3-4 times at different times. We were very exhausted parents and were barely functioning. On day one of implementing Anika's plan, they slept for 12 hours. 12!!! We didn't know our kids were capable of sleeping consistently. Anika was very easy to work with and the entire process went very smoothly for us. We highly recommend Anika to every exhausted parent.
- Mom of Amelia, 2 years old


Annika's so attentive and responsive! We worked with several different sleep consultants before starting with Annika and she's the one who truly led us down a path of sleep. We have a second on the way, so look forward to working with her again!

- Mom of Ethan, 21 months old

Working with Annika was one of the best decisions we have made as a family. I wish we had done it sooner. Our son was really struggling with sleep. He was waking up multiple times a night and rising very early in the morning. It only took three days of following Annika's instructions and he was sleeping through the night. A year later, things are still going well. We learned the tools that we needed for good sleep habits and have been able to keep them in place.  I am so happy that we worked with Annika.
- Mom of Alexander, 20 months old


The process was explained to us as parents very clearly.  Both of our children’s sleep issues were quickly corrected! It was worth every penny and minute spent. - Mom of Dylan, 4 months old


We worked with Annika to come up with a sleep plan for both of our boys. For our older child, Annika was so reassuring and gave us all the tools we needed to achieve our sleep goals. She was exceedingly empathetic while being confident and calm in giving guidance. For our second child, Annika was able to walk us through the process again while taking our older son's sleep schedule into account. We have recommended her to dozens of friends, and working with Annika was an invaluable experience.
- Mom of Leo, 5 months old


Annika changed our family’s life. We went from being completely sleep deprived and at the mercy of our very strong-willed little one, to one where things ran like clockwork. Annika was kind, supportive, and tough when necessary. We loved working with her and absolutely recommend her!

- Mom of Sebastian 2.5 years old


As a new mother, I found I was constantly questioning my parenting decisions. Am I doing this right? If I implement this or that will she sleep better? If I buy that will she nap better? The list goes on and on. I don't know if sleep deprived even describes my state of sleep for the first 18 weeks of my daughter's life. I just did not sleep. If I got 1.5 hours straight myself, that was a pretty big win in my book. My daughter had terrible trapped gas pains for the first 3-4 months of her life. She lost more than the normal range of weight after birth, and I was constantly concerned about her weight. On top of it all, I had low milk supply. She became a professional catnapper and snacker. 

Then I started working with Annika, and everything changed. 

Within just a few weeks, my daughter was sleeping 12 hours at night, eating incredibly well, napping well - it was life changing. Overall, she became a healthier, and happier baby. Annika took a conservative approach in terms of feeding, which I appreciated given my concerns about her weight - and I started out with two feeds a night. Over the few weeks where I dropped one feed, and then the other, Annika was there to guide me through.  Working with Annika not only taught me a lot about sleep, but it taught me a lot as a parent, and to be confident in my decisions as a parent. The journey with Annika helped me to understand my daughter more. Not only does Annika take the time to educate parents about the psychology and science behind sleep, but she truly serves as a guide throughout the process. There's no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a baby - and reading a book about baby sleep is great, until you have questions because you realize your baby is not the cookie cutter the book is talking about. She helps instill confidence in you and your baby. It's empowering to know you've taught such a young child such a critical life skill. Honestly, Annika is much more than a sleep coach/consultant - she could be  a new-parent therapist, lactation consultant, pediatric dietitian - all in one. If you are unsure about working with Annika and this testimonial hasn't done it for you, ask her for my  contact information, and I will gladly convince you!
- Mom of Leila, 4 months old


Working with Annika, I greatly appreciated how supportive she was.  She made sure we didn't feel like we were tackling our daughter's sleep challenges on our own. The daily contact and check-ins also ensured that we were adapting the approach to fit our child's unique needs.  Whether it was talking to me during the night in the midst of getting our daughter to sleep or the daily text communicates where we planned out the approach for the night, Annika was truly a partner in helping us improve our daughter's sleep.  Our daughter went from having co-slept with us for more than two years to being able to go to sleep on her own and sleeping for 11 hours a night.  We could not have done it without Annika (believe me, we tried several times)!
- Mom of Harper, 2.5 years old

I was very nervous starting the program. I knew the scientific evidence behind it, but still was very anxious about the experience. Annika picked up on my anxiety to help me understand that the program will help my boy learn how to sleep. It’s truly just a first step in parenthood.  She shared personal experiences that really helped put things in perspective. The program helped my little one sleep better, but it helped me to grow as a parent. Thank you Annika.

- Mom of Luka, 4 months old

Annika is a Godsend! She came in and saved my little family. We were sleep-deprived, desperate, and overwhelmed. She approached our sleep training with empathy but with the knowledge and confidence that we needed. We were seeking someone to tell us exactly what we needed to do to get our little one in a good place. Our daughter put up a fight but Annika worked with us through teething, transition to solids, and standing in the crib. She made us feel confident and empowered that we could get our daughter to sleep and the steps that we were taking were the ones that would set her up for lifelong positive sleep habits. EVERYONE should work with Annika. You cannot put a price on sleep. I miss our daily chats and texts but still reach out to her for advice. Our daughter sleeps! We sleep! And we are so happy.

- Mom of Nora, 9 Months

Annika changed our lives! After 7 1/2 months of waking up to nurse our little one every two hours every night, we did one night of Annika's "sleep training" and the next night our daughter slept for 12 hours straight! Naps are longer and more consistent and our baby loves her crib. Annika was such a help, always there to coach us and to provide support, day or night, throughout the whole process. We continually tell all our friends that it was the best money we ever spent!

Hope, Mother of eight-month-old girl


Annika saved our sanity! She got our twin girls to sleep through the night, take naps, and not wake each other up even though they sleep in the same room."

-Marsha & George, Parents of twin girls


Annika helped solve our 3 year old daughter's sleep problems in miraculous fashion. We were most impressed with Annika's ability to (i) quickly, and correctly, diagnose our daughter's sleep issues, (ii) establish a plan of action, and (iii) provide us with invaluable follow-up encouragement and evaluation. Our daughter's sleep issues, that we had failed to solve for over 9 months, were remedied with Annika's assistance in about 2 weeks.

- Jason, Father of 3 year-old girl

I loved working with Annika to ‘teach' my daughter to sleep! In just two quick weeks I had my 5-month-old sleeping through the night and taking regular naps (long ones!). The best part about Annika's process is that it is as gentle on Mom as it is on baby – it eased both my baby and me off the night feedings with minimal crying on a schedule that I controlled. I recommend her services to all the moms that I know, and my only regret is that I didn't know about Little Sleepers when I taught my older daughter to sleep two years ago!

- Caroline, Mother of two girls

Annika's constructive, child-centered approach to solving infant sleep problems helped us tremendously. In a week's time, our four-month-old baby Luke progressed from waking an average of six or seven times a night to sleeping soundly all the way through.
- Sara, Mother of four-month-old boy

Annika is a miracle worker. In a matter of a few weeks she gave me the tools and the skills I needed to train my 2 1/2 year old son to sleep through the night, something he had hardly ever done. For years I was exhausted. I felt helpless and inadequate when it came to putting my own child to sleep. Sometimes I would lie beside him for hours until he slept. He would also wake up throughout the night and it took me sleeping in his bed with him to get him back to sleep. It was a real mess. I honestly did not think that my son would ever sleep through the night in his own room. Now my son takes pride in sleeping by himself and is enjoying his new-found independence. I am confident and excited about putting him to sleep and look forward to my own rest now as well. Annika's individualized plan for my son changed my live at a time when I had a newborn and was really in a tough place. She is wonderful to work with and very supportive. Her guidance has made me a better mother.
- Jennifer, Mother of 2 boys


Annika Brindley gave us our lives back! We contacted Annika for help after our second child, 5 month old son Benjamin, began reversing his sleep cycle (he had been going for 3-4 hours at a stretch) and began waking up every couple of hours to nurse. We were sleep deprived, cranky and didn't know how to reverse this exhausting pattern. Annika helped us through this difficult time. Her unending support and guidance got Ben sleeping through the night on his own in less than two weeks. Ben is now 2 and a wonderful sleeper. Simply put – Annika is incredible!
- Melissa, Mother of a girl and boy

When we first started working with Annika, our almost three year old daughter would not sleep without one of us sleeping on the floor in her room and our four month old son was waking multiple times a night. We were a mess, to say the least. Within a week, our son was sleeping through the night. Within two weeks our daughter was sleeping through the night (alone!). And the best part, within a month, both of our kids were sleeping through the night together in the same room. We could not have done it without Annika's techniques and endless support. Our family is well rested, finally.
- Maureen, Mother of a boy and girl



My husband and I contacted Annika after our son hit his 4 month sleep regression.. after weeks of waking up every hour, we were at our wits end. Annika met with us and developed a personalized plan for our son. Within a week, his nighttime sleep was dramatically better, and within 2 weeks, his naps were longer and more consistent. Now, a month later, he sleeps through the night and takes 3 long naps a day - all without his paci and swaddle. Not only are we getting more sleep, but our son Luke is a MUCH happier baby! He used to cat nap all day and was constantly grumpy and rubbing his eyes. Now he's always smiling and practically lunges into his crib at naps and bedtime.  The process wasn't always easy, but it was so worth it. I had read all the "sleep books", but having a real person to turn to for support and guidance throughout the process was invaluable. We can't say enough good things about working with Annika!
- Maggie, Mother of a boy



*All testimonials are used with the consent of the parent.

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