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Travel & Sleep - Tips For Successful Adventures With Your Baby Or Toddler

Toddler in a bathing suit and sunglasses lounging on a reclined pool chair

It is almost Summer! The excitement of leaving your house for the first time is palpable as you begin to emerge from your hunkered-down lives of the pandemic.

Many who went nowhere this past year have now jumped at the opportunity to go somewhere, anywhere!

You may be going to a fabulous island, exploring the wide-open West, or going to New Jersey to have your mother-in-law meet your beautiful baby for the first time. You may be traveling with your baby for the first time or traveling for the first time in a long time with your children.

Remember, when it comes to travel, less stuff is more but more confidence is everything! You do not need to bring the kitchen sink; you do need to bring yourself and be fully present.

I aim to teach parents to teach their children to be resilient Little Sleepers. You want scheduled but adaptable children. A flexible resilient sleeper means that you can arrive at Grandma's house or set up camp in a cool Air BNB and say, "Here is the room you are sleeping in while we are on vacation.

Here is your lovey, your favorite book, and your wake-up light. I'll be right across the hallway." You want not to have it be the end of the world because your child is sleeping in a different environment but have the experience be easy and fun. Traveling is a fantastic adventure!

So, get out and go somewhere! Be fearless and teach fearlessness to your little ones! Keep your sleep boundaries and rules no matter where you go - even in a tent!

Bring a book, a lovey, a portable sound machine, and maybe some dark sheets from Target and some 3M Command Strips to make some make-shift black-out shades, get creative! Pack light. Pack smart. Do not stress.


Be confident and consistent. Your children will internalize how you feel. Make it feel OK for them to sleep in a new environment. Most of all, have faith in them. Your children are incredible traveling beings who can learn to adapt and sleep anywhere!

Children need clarity and consistency. Does that make sense?


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