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Babies Falling Asleep with Music

Baby wearing black headphones

Many people ask me if it is ok to have their baby or child fall asleep to music playing. While I do not recommend playing music, having your child sleep with soft background music playing is OK if it replaces a white noise machine. I would not use music and a white noise machine. Choose one or the other.

If you choose music, be mindful; The Rolling Stones are not going to be the best choice! I prefer a white noise machine. Get one that has an internal fan, like the Marpac Dohm dual-speed.

It has whooshing air as the sound as opposed to a recorded noise and is excellent at keeping out barking dogs and your Amazon deliveries all day long.

If you are going to play music or white noise, make sure that you have it programmed to be on all night and then turn it off during the day. Many people do not understand why their children can't fall back to sleep in the middle of the night.

One of the first questions I ask parents is whether the noise machine or music is on all night, or does it only play for a set amount of time? Some only go for 45 minutes and then turn off.

Remember, HOW your child falls asleep is everything. If your child falls asleep with music on and then wakes and the music is off, her environment has changed. Your child learned to fall asleep to music. However, when she wakes in the night, the music is off, making it hard for her to fall back to sleep.

My advice would be to get an excellent white noise machine and keep it on all night. Play music during bath or bedtime routine, even during book time if it is playing softly.

When it is time for bed, shut the music off, turn the white noise machine on Low, and make sure it is on all night!

Don't worry; you can crank up The Rolling Stones or any other English rock band during awake time.


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