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Avoiding A Leaky Diaper While Your Baby Is Sleeping

Mother puts a new diaper on her baby before the baby sleeps

Is your child waking up in a pool of pee with a soaking wet sleep sack because his diaper leaked? It is a real bummer when a great sleeper has big-time leakage in the early morning hours. It is tough to go back to sleep at 4:00 Am, to begin with, let alone if you are wet and cold!

So how do you stop this sneaky sleep provocateur?

  • Make sure your child is in the right-sized diaper. Parents like to get their money's worth out of a box of diapers. If you are trying to use the last half of your size two diapers, when your child has moved to a size three, the possibility of a leak is high. It is time to move to the larger-sized diaper.

  • Consider going up a size at night. Your baby will look a bit silly with the top of the diaper almost reaching their cute armpits, but it can help.

  • Use a nighttime diaper. Nighttime diapers are great, but some companies only make sizes three and up.

  • Put a booster pad in the diaper! Sposies Booster Pads are an excellent option for a nighttime leaker. They are like hypoallergenic maxi pads for babies. Using a booster pad can give you the extra absorbency you´re seeking that your diaper is not providing at night.

  • Limit liquids at night. It is common for an older kid to drink a lot of water with dinner and milk before bed. Consider either limiting the amount of milk you give to a toddler or leaving a liquid-free hour before bed. * This is a good idea for a toddler and not for a baby whose primary source of nourishment is milk for the first year!

  • Make sure you always keep extra sets of sheets, a sleep sack, pajamas, and diapers on deck. If your child has leaked through at 4:00 am, you don't want to be fishing through the dryer downstairs to find what you need. Do not turn the lights on; keep a hall light on if it is difficult to see. Make sure you are a NINJA diaper-changer. Get in, get the job done without talking and kissing, and get out. A stealth change is not too disruptive and allows your child to go back to sleep.

Try one or a few of these tips; see what works best for your child. Some kids pee up the side of their body and leak up their torso, and some pee downward and leak on their legs.


Trouble-shoot ahead of time for a dry and successful night’s sleep, instead of praying to the sleep gods that your child won’t be woken by a leak, unhappy and wet. Can you blame them? Who on earth wants to wake up in a pool of pee?! #baby #babysleep #babywaking #babysleepingtips


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