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Ways To Beat The Heat With Your Baby and Toddler

Baby laying in a floaty in a pool

August can be a sweltering month for children in the heat. Many places around the globe are experiencing a heat wave of epic proportions! We all need to stay safe, wear sunscreen, hydrate, and most importantly stay cool.

Your daily Summer routine or daily outing with your baby or toddler may feel a bit derailed in these hot Summer months. Playgrounds can be way too hot and even a nice walk in the stroller does not feel so nice when you and your baby are over-heating.

I can remember taking two of my children to the Zoo in the last weeks of my third pregnancy. I thought it was a great idea to have a special day with Mom before my third baby was born. Boy was that a bad idea, it was 100 degrees and all I wanted to do is dive in the seal tank to keep from passing out!

Fan resting on a blue pole

It is so important to be ultra-careful and make sure your baby does not overheat in the stroller and of course in their crib.

Many people pull down the top of the stroller for shade and drape a blanket over the top. This can really trap heat and lessen airflow.

Try using a stroller fan like the WiHoo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan with Flexible Tripod. This can help your child and you can get one that faces in your direction too!

White Pajamas with pattern on it

Now is the time of year to do a light Bamboo PJ. If your child wears a sleep sack - make sure it is a light material like this Aden + Anais Essentials Classic Sleeping Bag, 100% Cotton Muslin, and Wearable Baby Blanket. Muslin as it a very breathable material.

Rooms can overheat too! A fan is a great option to circulate air and keep a room cooler.

I stumbled upon The Woozoo Fan and loved it so much that I ran out and bought four of them.

I keep one in my office and one in each kid’s room. It is an excellent fan that is multi-directional.

Thermo Pro

I always advise buying a separate room thermometer like the ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer.

Regulating the temperature in different rooms can feel impossible. With a separate thermometer, you will see the exact temperature in your child’s room. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a room temperature of 69-71 degrees to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Baby splash pad with a cover

When going out on a walk or having fun with your child’s friends in the sandbox is not going to be safe because of the heat; it’s time to find to get creative and discover other ways to have fun outside. Here are some of my FUN beat-the-heat ideas for babies and toddlers.

Swim School makes a baby slash pad with a cover. This is a great way for your baby to cool off. It has a stackable toy to play with and a slight back support.

Colorful splash sprinkler

If you have a backyard, a Splash Pad like the Chuchik Splash Sprinkler is a great option. Who does not love a sprinkler? Because there is a sprinkler feature this is best suited for toddlers.

Blue baby Pool with an umbrella

Another option for toddlers is a small baby pool with an umbrella. You do not have to fill the water high. Place an inch or two of water in the pool and add some toys. Remember all water play has to be supervised at all times.

Colorful Bubble machine for babies

If you want to bring the fun to the next level, which I always do, you can add a bubble machine! My kids absolutely loved a bubble machine in the Summer. The bubbles will magically float by while they are splashing in the baby pool!

Colorful sprinkler for babies

If you like a straight forward safe sprinkler so your child can run through the cool water in the grass, try the Splash Patrol Sprinkler by Melissa and Doug:

If you do not have a backyard, do not worry, you can always bring a little baby pool to your neighborhood park and fill it up with water from a water bottle. You are only putting a tiny bit of water in the bottom. I can remember being in New York City one summer, in desperate need to get my toddlers some outdoor time.

I hooked a baby pool onto the handle of my stroller, threw a battery-operated bubble machine in the basket below along with a gallon of water, and took a picnic to Central Park! We had ice cream on the walk home. It is still one of my favorite memories.


If you have any great ideas on how to cool off in the hot summer months, please email me your amazing ideas and I will share them with the Little Sleepers community.


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