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Feeding Tips For Your Distracted Baby

Beaded necklace may distract a baby from feeding

As babies get older, they start to become unique aware little beings. Their job is to soak everything in, learn and process what they are experiencing in the world. They are little baby wonders.

Unfortunately, this means that feeding can become a bit of a challenge. Babies will start to get interested in more than just a breast or bottle! They start to look around and crane their necks to see what is going on around the room instead of nursing or feeding efficiently.

What used to be a fifteen-minute feed can turn into a three-minute feed! They think, "Hey, I don't want to work hard at this eating thing! I want to get down and play. I have important things to do and learn!".

The distraction from eating also means a possible dip in milk supply or your baby is not getting as much milk as you want her to get during the day feeds.

Feeding in a separate room, away from family distractions sometimes works, but is mostly not a fail-safe solution. Feeding your baby in a dark room is not a great solution either as it will signal your baby it is time to sleep, and she has just woken up!

A great solution is a nursing necklace. The idea is that you, Mom or Dad or caregiver, wear a nursing necklace around YOUR neck while feeding. Wearing this type of chunky, colorful necklace will draw your child's attention inwards instead of out. It is something they can hold onto, feel and play with while feeding.

The whole experience will draw your baby inward and closer to you. I used a nursing necklace with all three of my children when they were babies; it really did the trick!

*Nursing necklaces are NOT TOYS. THEY CAN BE A CHOKING HAZARD. If you try a nursing necklace - remember never to give it to your baby to chew on and never to play with or touch it unless it is around your neck and you can supervise.


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