There is no better way to learn about the work that we do, than to hear from the families with whom we have worked with. Here is some of what our Little Sleepers' parents are saying...

"Annika changed our lives! After 7 1/2 months of waking up to nurse our little one every two hours every night, we did one night of Annika's "sleep training" and the next night our daughter slept for 12 hours straight! Naps are longer and more consistent and our baby loves her crib. Annika was such a help, always there to coach us and to provide support, day or night, throughout the whole process. We continually tell all our friends that it was the best money we ever spent!"

— Hope, Mother of eight-month-old girl

"Annika saved our sanity! She got our twin girls to sleep through the night, take naps, and not wake each other up even though they sleep in the same room."

— Marsha & George, Parents of twin girls

"Annika helped solve our 3 year old daughter's sleep problems in miraculous fashion. We were most impressed with Annika's ability to (i) quickly, and correctly, diagnose our daughter's sleep issues, (ii) establish a plan of action, and (iii) provide us with invaluable follow-up encouragement and evaluation. Our daughter's sleep issues, that we had failed to solve for over 9 months, were remedied with Annika's assistance in about 2 weeks."

— Jason, Father of 3 year-old girl

"I loved working with Annika to ‘teach' my daughter to sleep! In just two quick weeks I had my 5-month-old sleeping through the night and taking regular naps (long ones!). The best part about Annika's process is that it is as gentle on Mom as it is on baby – it eased both my baby and me off the night feedings with minimal crying on a schedule that I controlled. I recommend her services to all the moms that I know, and my only regret is that I didn't know about Little Sleepers when I taught my older daughter to sleep two years ago!"

— Caroline, Mother of two girls

"Annika's constructive, child-centered approach to solving infant sleep problems helped us tremendously. In a week's time, our four-month-old baby Luke progressed from waking an average of six or seven times a night to sleeping soundly all the way through."

— Sara, Mother of four-month-old boy

"Annika is a miracle worker. In a matter of a few weeks she gave me the tools and the skills I needed to train my 2 1/2 year old son to sleep through the night, something he had hardly ever done. For years I was exhausted. I felt helpless and inadequate when it came to putting my own child to sleep. Sometimes I would lie beside him for hours until he slept. He would also wake up throughout the night and it took me sleeping in his bed with him to get him back to sleep. It was a real mess. I honestly did not think that my son would ever sleep through the night in his own room. Now my son takes pride in sleeping by himself and is enjoying his new-found independence. I am confident and excited about putting him to sleep and look forward to my own rest now as well. Annika's individualized plan for my son changed my live at a time when I had a newborn and was really in a tough place. She is wonderful to work with and very supportive. Her guidance has made me a better mother."

— Jennifer, Mother of 2 boys

"Annika Brindley gave us our lives back! We contacted Annika for help after our second child, 5 month old son Benjamin, began reversing his sleep cycle (he had been going for 3-4 hours at a stretch) and began waking up every couple of hours to nurse. We were sleep deprived, cranky and didn't know how to reverse this exhausting pattern. Annika helped us through this difficult time. Her unending support and guidance got Ben sleeping through the night on his own in less than two weeks. Ben is now 2 and a wonderful sleeper. Simply put – Annika is incredible!"

— Melissa, Mother of a girl and boy

"Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Annika! We have three children, ages 7, 4 and 2. When we first called you, we had spent approximately 6 weeks, unsuccessfully making the transition for our youngest child from our family bed, where she had been her entire life, to her own bed in her own bedroom. Your coaching was just what we needed. Your daily calls gave me strength to carry out our plan. Each morning, no matter how desperate we felt from the sense of failure the night before, you applauded our efforts, our strength, our stamina and encouraged us that we were making progress. It was all we needed to make it through just one more night. We can now report that I have a healthy, thriving 2 1/2 year old who not only sleeps through the night, but also takes a daily nap, at 1 pm. We emerged victorious, after only 2 weeks. We are armed with resources to handle all three kids based on your advice and techniques. Your kind, but consistent method was perfect for us!"

— Dana, Mother of three children

"When we first started working with Annika, our almost three year old daughter would not sleep without one of us sleeping on the floor in her room and our four month old son was waking multiple times a night. We were a mess, to say the least. Within a week, our son was sleeping through the night. Within two weeks our daughter was sleeping through the night (alone!). And the best part, within a month, both of our kids were sleeping through the night together in the same room. We could not have done it without Annika's techniques and endless support. Our family is well rested, finally."

— Maureen, Mother of a boy and girl

"My husband and I contacted Annika after our son hit his 4 month sleep regression.. after weeks of waking up every hour, we were at our wits end. Annika met with us and developed a personalized plan for our son. Within a week, his nighttime sleep was dramatically better, and within 2 weeks, his naps were longer and more consistent. Now, a month later, he sleeps through the night and takes 3 long naps a day - all without his paci and swaddle. Not only are we getting more sleep, but our son Luke is a MUCH happier baby! He used to cat nap all day and was constantly grumpy and rubbing his eyes. Now he's always smiling and practically lunges into his crib at naps and bedtime.  The process wasn't always easy, but it was so worth it. I had read all the "sleep books", but having a real person to turn to for support and guidance throughout the process was invaluable. We can't say enough good things about working with Annika!"  --  Maggie, Mother of boy

*All testimonials are used with the consent of the parent.