Send Out Cards

Last weeks post was my August 2015 interview with Washingtonian Magazine on the topic of guidelines for letting your neighbors know your plan to teach your child to sleep. Many people shy away from a straightforward conversation regarding their children and parenting choices for fear they will be judged, however that judgmental voice is usually just our own voice and can cause us to make un-clear decisions. An honest approach is always best, being vulnerable instead of defensive opens the door to possibility and real connection and possibly a new lifelong friend.

My motto is be creative and personal in your communication. Honesty + a token of appreciation (think brownies or cookies) + and a little informational note can go a long way. Many of my clients ask for guidance on the best way to approach their neighbors. I am thrilled to introduce you to what I feel to be one of the easiest ways to accomplish this task, even when sleep deprived (before you work with Little Sleepers!).

With the help of my dear friend Jules Price, I now direct my clients to an simple solution. Jules introduced me to her amazing company and showed me just how easy it is to create a beautiful personalized card. With Send Out Cards you can create the perfect "I am sleep training my child, please be patient with us " card, personalized with your baby's photo, a note in your own handwriting and the best brownies and cookies that arrive in a beautiful little wrapped package. Making a card is easy. These cards and treats are a wonderful way to thank caregivers, friends and grandparents too. Send Out Cards is a great service to have at your fingertips, and you just pay for what you send out. Send cards and gifts through the real mail, right from your computer or phone. 

For more details, or a free demo, contact Jules at 941.536.0328 or or visit