The Art Of Adult Sleep

Not being able to sleep is intolerable for most. It can feel like a never ending battle between your mind, body and soul. You want to sleep. You really do, but you just do not know how to get there. How can you escape from this nightly prison?

Many adults suffer from a lack of sleep and have no answers. I have seen symptoms of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, fear and pure exhaustion. Sleeplessness has become the negative stuck story when really sleeping is possible. I believe great sleep can be your new story. 

So your eyes sting, you are impatient with your children or partner, your too tired to work-out or be healthy. It feels like a hopeless loop.

True healing of your sleeplessness does not come from a pill or a quick fix. We live in a society conditioned to take a fast track and unaware path–get me fixed and get me fixed fast. We don’t want to do the work. But such methods are merely band-aids placed upon a much larger wound. This wound is the wound that wakes us. 

You are a whole person. Although you have your “Day” self and your “Night” self. You do not erase parts of yourself just because it is time to sleep. You do not run away from the subconscious mind that drives us. You are you when you sleep. In fact, when we are STILL in the quiet of the night, we are forced to feel feelings that we may not want to feel. It’s not so easy to distract yourself from these feelings at night as it is during the day. If you want to know how you feel deep down, listen and pay attention to that night time voice in your head. I’s put money on it that it’s a pretty mean and unsupportive voice.

Radically taking a deeper dive into yourself, truly mustering up some big courage to your day-self can begin the process of integrating your night-self.

I believe by identifying the core issues and wounds, facing yourself, uncovering your learned beliefs, being willing to change, shifting current mindsets, learning cognitive - behavioral tools for sleep, practicing present- moment thinking, meditation and mindfulness practice, we can heal your sleeplessness from within. I am beyond excited to work with you to help you unlock the person you have always wanted to be.

You have all the answers inside you. Without awareness there can be no change. Together we will partner as I teach you The Art of Sleep. It is possible for you to sleep to your fullest potential.